Influencers Inspiring Jewelry Choices

Influencers Inspiring Jewelry Choices

With so many new designs, combinations, and trends, it’s turning into a hassle when choosing and purchasing your next jewelry piece. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration from those who are always in-the-know of the latest jewelry trends.

We compiled a list of influential women styling jewelry pieces that we just love and happen to have very similar designs in our collection! 


Nour Arida 

Fashion model, Nour Arida, loves to tie her hair up into a pony tail or a loose bun; with such hairstyles, she goes for hoop earrings. If you love hoops as much as we do, then our trendy collection of hoop earrings will definitely draw a smile on your face! Our Twist Hoops and Bold Hoops or any hoops go perfect for an updo hairdo. 


Dina Zahran 

Fashion influencer, Dina Zahran elegantly matches a bold bracelet with a set of simpler bracelets. This bold piece stands out and beautifully complements her simple, summery outfit. If you’re a fan of bold bracelets then our Curb Chain Bracelet can be the perfect piece for you!    


Negin Mirsalehi 

Negin Mirsalehi, founder of the international haircare brand, Gisou, stylishly stacks her hoop earrings; from wide hoops to smaller hoops. We just love her choice of earrings for the half-updo hairstyle. Choose your earring stacks from our extensive collection of hoops, like our Roman Small Huggie Hoops and Skinny Hoops; that come in different sizes to create the perfect stack.


Talah Al Alami 

Talah Al Alami, co-founder of The Spot – one of Jordan’s top beauty salons, stylishly matches her customized date necklace with other simpler necklaces. Such a meaningful necklace can be worn all day, every day. If there’s a date that means the world to you, like a loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, or just a very special date to remember, we can customize the Date Necklace you desire!  


Aya Al Khayyat 

TV presenter and fashion influencer, Aya Al Khayyat, flawlessly styles her ring stack with a simple, colorful outfit perfect for these summer nights! Choose from our trendy selection of signet rings, like the Flower Signet Ring or Starburst Signet Ring, to effortlessly add spark to your outfits. 


Karen Wazen 

Karen Wazen, founder of the international sunglasses brand, By Karen Wazen, matches her letter necklace “K” with her letter hoop earrings. Personalize your very own letter set with us and style your Letter Necklace and Letter Hoops with every outfit you wear. You can also add multiple letters with our Letters Necklace to make it, not only a stylish piece, but a personally meaningful one, too.


Tamara Farra 

Tamara Farra, founder of the sleepwear brand, Teejayz, simply adds spark to her outfit with the stylish drop necklace. Create this chic and trendy style with our Stone Drop Necklaces that goes perfect with an outfit for a business meeting, a cocktail dress, and a silky black dress for an evening occasion. 


When not knowing what your next jewelry purchase would be, you will always find inspirational ideas from social media’s inspirational influencers!     


Written by: Tala Bacouni



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