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Summertime Shine

With the colorful season just around the corner, we’re all taking out our fresh and summery wardrobes. Simple, carefree, and light are our keywords to wearing jewelry during the summer heat. For this season, we’re sharing our tips, tricks, and everything in between to wearing and layering summertime jewelry.   Make an ordinary white T-shirt look “runway ready” White is the color of choice for summer fashion. It’s light, fresh, and versatile. Just like a canvas, pop your ordinary white tees with colorful, statement jewelry pieces. Our Flower Necklace adds the right touch of color, along with our Pear Stone Drop Chain Necklaces, that come in 3 different colors! Beach color pieces are also a bright idea to spark-up your...

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A Balanced Match

Every jewelry piece is a statement on its own, but when mismatched with a certain outfit, the overall style may seem odd, off balance, or too crowded. With our 3 Rules of Thumb, you will perfectly match your jewelry pieces to your stylish Ramadan and Eid outfits.    Rule of Thumb #1: Pair your jewelry piece with the right shape Earrings come in different volumes and lengths – each piece is beautifully designed, but not every design may suit the shape of your face.   Any earring style and length, from the Star Hoops, to the Stone Drop Huggie Hoops, or the Letter Studs can work flawlessly with an oval-shaped face.   Teardrop and dangling earring styles, like our Three Stones...

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To Every Woman

An authentic way of expressing love and appreciation is by gifting a woman a treasured jewelry piece. Different relations and different celebrations call for exceptional gift ideas; for that we are helping you in choosing the ultimate gift to the great women in your life. Since March carries two valuable days; Mother’s Day and International Woman’s Day, we prepared a gift for every woman.    To your loving grandmother  One of the strongest bonds are formed with a grandmother; for she is an older version of your mother; your comfort zone; your ‘go-to’ person, and your support system. A grandmother’s heart is filled with love towards her children and grandchildren. Curate a personalized necklace that holds the names or letters...

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Your Guide to Necklace Layering

You wanna wear all your necklaces but not sure how? By creating a well-balanced layered necklaces you can upgrade your, outfit to a new level, but still make it seem effortless. We collected a view tips for you to create the perfect stack: NO. 1 Start with the top you’re wearing Because we all get frustrated when we’re wearing our favorite t-shirt but our necklace keeps hiding underneath! So start with that, for a t-shirt or high-cut top, we would suggest going for longer layers over or a lariat necklace. But if you’re wearing a low-cut top or a V-cut, then all lengths would go perfect, and if you want to have a maximal look, add a simple choker with...

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Your Ear Stack Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Mix and match your favorite ear stud, huggie hoops and ear cuffs. We sell them individually so you can pick according to your ear piercings.   NO. 1 The Huggie Hoop (with a charm) Add the right dose of glimmer to any look with this huggie hoop, it can be worn everyday as a subtle addition to your ears. It’s a classic hoop that is delicately designed to hug the earlobe. Add a charm stone with different colors or a shape like a star ⭐️ In this photo: Pear Drop Huggie Hoop (Single) | Two-Stone Stud (Single) | Single Line Ear Cuff (Single)   NO. 2 The Lotus Stud The perfect everyday ear stud and everyone’s favorite! Pick one of...

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