This Winter's Biggest Jewelry Trends

This Winter's Biggest Jewelry Trends

Style norms frequently call for restraint, but the winter 2022 fashion trends show that there are no limits. The fact that this season's hottest jewelry trends are remixes of timeless designs makes them not only accessible, but also more likely to be worn repeatedly even after these dramatic trends begin to fade.

Although this winter will undoubtedly be big and dramatic, fine jewelry’s timeless elegance will always be in style.


Throughout centuries, Pearls have continued to rank among the most loved jewels in the world. This gemstone has recently attracted new interest; you may have heard of it on social media as the Pearlcore trend. More and more, pearls are being incorporated into day-to-day looks, rather than being strictly reserved for costumes or special occasions. People of all ages have come to appreciate pearl accents in their houses and jewelry boxes.

The best part about this trend is that there is a Pearlcore style for everyone, whether you lean more towards minimalism or maximalism. There are other options outside the traditional one-strand necklace if you're looking for a special pearl piece. The Pearla Necklace 2.0, stacked with the Pearl Choker 2.0 are the perfect layers for this trend. For a more modern twist, you could go for the Trio Pearls Drop Necklace, Pearl and Spikes Earrings or the Pearla Chain Bracelet.


Chunky Gold Chains

It's not surprising that we're expressing optimism with our wardrobes these days after spending the last few years living in loungewear and simple accessories. Bold jewels are back in fashion in 2022, replacing delicate and dainty styles. A major jewelry trend, as seen on the runways of major fashion houses around the world, is dramatically chunky gold chains. Go for chunky gold chains this season, which look great worn alone or paired with other extravagant accessories. A perfect example of this is the Curb Chain Necklace 7.5mm, Curb Chain Necklace 5mm and the Pearl Curb Chain Necklace


A Ring on Every Finger

For the majority of jewellery trends in 2022, you could argue that more is more, but rings unquestionably fall under this category this season. Ideally, there should be a ring, or possibly many rings, on each finger. The popularity of this trend extends to men as well. This trend frequently features larger rings, but you can easily stack them with smaller rings. The Bold Teardrop Ring, Starburst Signet Ring, Croissant Ring and many more, make the perfect rings for stacking! 


Long Necklaces

Do you remember the long necklaces trend? Well, they've returned. Despite this style being regarded a classic, it's been a minute since we've seen them. In the past several seasons, the only jewelry that was glowing brightly was short, hefty chains and chokers, so you can understand how much we were hoping for the return of this trend. Long chunky necklaces or long necklaces with a larger charm at the end are in fashion this season. This charm could be, for instance, a logo or gemstone.

To achieve this look, you could go for the Encrusted Paperclip Chain Necklace and your choice of charms, including the Framed Heart Charm, Chunky Star Charm, and many more. The Bold Round Clip Necklace makes the perfect stand-alone everyday necklace.



Written by: Marian Khoury


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