To Every Woman

To Every Woman

An authentic way of expressing love and appreciation is by gifting a woman a treasured jewelry piece. Different relations and different celebrations call for exceptional gift ideas; for that we are helping you in choosing the ultimate gift to the great women in your life. Since March carries two valuable days; Mother’s Day and International Woman’s Day, we prepared a gift for every woman. 


To your loving grandmother 

One of the strongest bonds are formed with a grandmother; for she is an older version of your mother; your comfort zone; your ‘go-to’ person, and your support system. A grandmother’s heart is filled with love towards her children and grandchildren. Curate a personalized necklace that holds the names or letters of all those she loves. 

Letters Bold Chain Necklace
In this photo: Letters Bold Chain Necklace | Name with Leaves Ornament | Sun Necklace


To your extraordinary mother 

A woman to look up to, a role model, a superhero; she is a mother. Gifting your mother a meaningful piece can resonate your appreciation for her love. Designs with stones that symbolize love can be added to your personalized creation, along with other valuable pieces that include the names of her children.   

Two Names Necklace⁠
In this photo: Name NecklaceTwo Names Necklace⁠ | Curb Chain Necklace 3.5mm



To a new mom or a mom-to-be 

Her journey into motherhood is about to start. A baby is on the way to burst her life with love and happiness. Design a personalized necklace or bracelet that holds her baby’s name/initial or a classic item with the baby’s birthstone. 

bracelet birthstone name necklace
In this photo: Letter & Birthstone Chain Bracelet | Herringbone Bracelet


Stones and Letters Necklace
In this photo: Stones and Letters Necklace | Date Necklace | Paperclip Chain Necklace

To your wonderful wife 

A woman who has and, still is, standing by your side during your ups and downs and has always been a support system; your wife. Show your appreciation with our heart-shaped necklaces or a stone ring that will definitely draw a smile on her face. 

Framed Heart Charm necklace name
In this photo: Letter Necklace | Vertical Name Necklace | Framed Heart Charm

To your awesome sister 

Having a sister is having a best friend for life. She is always there; she will listen to your stories, share advice, and give you the world without expecting anything in return. Just like her shining personality, we have some sparkly jewelry pieces! Stud earrings, colored-stone necklaces, and the star-shaped bracelets can definitely tell her that she is a beaming star. 

star moon bracelet
In this photo: Star Bracelet | Moon Bracelet | Herringbone Bracelet



To your fabulous friend  

Fearless indeed is the word that describes her. She is that friend who’s up for an adventure, takes risks, and is focused on growing and developing. Our selection of hoop earrings, love (hob) bracelets, and classical bracelets can show her how much you appreciate her presence and motivation in your life.

hob bracelet birthstone
In this photo: Mini Birthstones Bracelet | Hob (Love) Chain Bracelet  | Herringbone Bracelet



Written by: Tala Bacouni

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