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Your Ear Stack Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Mix and match your favorite ear stud, huggie hoops and ear cuffs. We sell them individually so you can pick according to your ear piercings.


NO. 1

The Huggie Hoop (with a charm)

Add the right dose of glimmer to any look with this huggie hoop, it can be worn everyday as a subtle addition to your ears. It’s a classic hoop that is delicately designed to hug the earlobe. Add a charm stone with different colors or a shape like a star ⭐️


NO. 2

The Lotus Stud

The perfect everyday ear stud and everyone’s favorite! Pick one of the four color; white, emerald, sapphire, ruby.


NO. 3

The Suspender

It’s a hand‑shaped suspender with edges to hook into your ear and curve around the outer edge of your earlobe. It’s a trend so try it out at one of our shops and see if you’ll fall in love 💁🏻‍♀️


NO. 4

Single Line Ear Cuff

No piercings, no worries! A piece that wraps around your ear for an edgy and a different look. Get this beauty and stack it up!


NO. 5

Tulip Stud

Add some glamour to your ear party with this feminine tulip shape stud. Pick one of the four color; white, emerald, sapphire, ruby.


NO. 6

Wing Stud

Have an edgy look with this wing stud that you can wear either on your ear lobe or helix to go along with the curve fo your ear.

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