Your Guide to Necklace Layering

Your Guide to Necklace Layering

You wanna wear all your necklaces but not sure how? By creating a well-balanced layered necklaces you can upgrade your, outfit to a new level, but still make it seem effortless. We collected a view tips for you to create the perfect stack:

NO. 1

Start with the top you’re wearing

Because we all get frustrated when we’re wearing our favorite t-shirt but our necklace keeps hiding underneath! So start with that, for a t-shirt or high-cut top, we would suggest going for longer layers over or a lariat necklace. But if you’re wearing a low-cut top or a V-cut, then all lengths would go perfect, and if you want to have a maximal look, add a simple choker with a cute lariat necklace.In this photo: Bezel Horizontal Line Necklace | Trio Lariat Necklace


NO. 2

Mix different lengths

To create a balanced look, you can start with a choker (35cm), classic (40cm) and go long for an opera length (60cm).



NO. 3

Play with different thicknesses and textures

For example go for a bold chain and add a minimal chain with a pendant.


NO. 4

Start with your favorite piece and work around that

Because it's not your best stack if your favorite necklace isn’t one of them, plus it’s your starting point 😉


NO. 5

Minimal necklace first

Add the minimal chain/pendant on the shorter level, why? Because light chains or pendants usually show best when they are higher and tighter to the neck, rather than on long chain and never sits flat.


NO. 6

Have fun!

Because that’s why we buy jewelry right? There’s no set rules for this, you can go crazy and mix up whatever you’re in the mood for, and remember everyday you can create a different stack just by changing one necklace.

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