A Balanced Match

A Balanced Match

Every jewelry piece is a statement on its own, but when mismatched with a certain outfit, the overall style may seem odd, off balance, or too crowded. With our 3 Rules of Thumb, you will perfectly match your jewelry pieces to your stylish Ramadan and Eid outfits. 

 neckline and face shape

Rule of Thumb #1: Pair your jewelry piece with the right shape

Earrings come in different volumes and lengths – each piece is beautifully designed, but not every design may suit the shape of your face.  

face shpes



Your outfit’s neckline can also interfere with the necklace design you’re planning to match it with. 


 opposite attract

Rule of Thumb #2: Opposites attract!

If you’re planning to wear bright colored outfits, embellished fabrics, and busy patterns, then always go for simple jewelry pieces. The Moon Bracelet and the Mini Birthstone Bracelet are great examples. 


When going for black, white, or neutral outfits, then the spark of colorful jewelry pieces will be flawless! The Flower Necklace and Emerald Stone Curb Chain will vibrantly stand out. 



Rule of Thumb #3: A balanced stack

When stacking your rings, always consider maintaining the perfect balance. Mixing and matching metal colors can be on point, as long as there’s one dominant color. 


Sizes matter too. A thick ring, like our Roman Ring can be matched with a simpler ring as a Rope Ring. The Double Stone Open Ring, the Hexagon Ring, and a Mini Triple Stone Ring, are all considered thin rings and can be stacked together. Add a midi ring to create a balance in position, or you can place our Triple Line Ring for more length.


But before stacking, always remember to keep one bare finger – on each hand. 


Written by: Tala Bacouni

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